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    Situated in the district of Montechiarugolo (about 20 km from Parma).
    The castle is open for visiting on Sunday. (Morning 10-12; afternoon=15-18,30)
    For information ring (0521-686643).
    In 1406 Guido Torelli was nominated as of Montechiarugolo by the Visconti and completely re-construct the castle of Montechiarugolo, which was then passed onto the ducal dynasties and to the Marchi family in 1806 which are still the present owners.

    Placed in a strategic position, on the edge of the road that takes you to the Passo del Lagastrello towards the regions of Tuscany and Liguria, it has lost a circle of wall but it has retained its characteristic of being a well fortified dwelling despite its irregular plan.

    You can still see today the round turret with smoothed off corners, covered by a wooden roof with trusses, the lounge decorated in cave like forms, the rows of rooms and the splendid loggia with thin columns made of stone which support the ceiling made of wooden beams from the 14th Century.

    Elegant is the design of the green and red lozenge within which are painted the Torelli and Visconti stems, which decorates the wall and the parapet.

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