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  • Fontanellato’s entrance is along a long tree-lined road which borders the Sanctuary of the Blessed Vergin where it is advisable to leave the car. The entrance to the town centre is at the so-called “Porta di Sopra” or “Voltone” and almost suddenly within a majestic opening, appears the “Rocca Sanvitale”, of which its family has lived in for many centuries.

    Being a structure square in shape it is surrounded by a wide moat about 3 metres deep, containing water deriving from natural resources, right from the beginning of the century. It preserves internally the noble appartment furnished with furniture and ornaments of the 1500’s, 1600’s and 1700’s.

    The “mastio”, the angular towers, the square-shaped courtyard are defensive elements of architecture which have fitted in well with the changes that followed in the noble courts. Regarding this function, the work of Parmigianino is exceptionally good in the ‘Saletta di Diana e Atteone’ painted for Paolo Gonzaga and Galeazzo Sanvitale in 1524.

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