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    Distance= 28 Km from Parma.
    From April to november open every days (except monday) from 9 to 11and from 15 to 18.
    From dicember to march open every days (except monday) from 9 to 11 and from 14,30 to 17,30.

    Monday reserved to party with booking (039-524-597964).
    The Castle of Soragna, open to the public, is a massive structure that still today is of irresistible suggestion. Entrance to the castle is by a masonry bridge, and one of the first rooms one can have access to is the beautiful Room of Grotesque paintings with frescoes by Cesare Baglione.
    After crossing the colonnade there is a corridor containing show-cases with archeological finds, historical documents, arms and various antique objects. From here there is an access to the Rooms of Arms containing beautiful halberds, rifles, swords, helmets, sabres and even a magnificent cannon from the XVII century. Following the itinerary, we pass into some splendid rooms, among which the Bocchirale, and the room of Modern Billiards dedicated to hunting trophies.
    In the Red room, together with six oval landscapes by Brescianino, we find the portraits of Giampaolo Meli Lupi and his wife Ottavia Rossi, both of whom contributed to give the castle today's aspect. Continuing through the itinerary, we find the room of Old Billiards with family portraits, among which the painting representing the famous Donna Cenerina, the famous ghost of the castle.
    The long and suggestive Poets' Gallery gives way to a small balcony overlooking the lake. One cannot miss the Chapel of Santa Croce, built at the beginnig of the XVII century as an oratory and family tomb.
    The magificent staircase designed by Draghi takes us to the first floor where we find a gallery, through which there is access to the private archives and to the library.
    From the Room of the Strong Women we pass into the Room of the Throne,lined with brocade and velvet and with a Baroque canopy which overlangs the throne.
    The bridal room, filled with engrovings plated with pure gold (a material abounding in these rooms) contains two magnificent XVII century mirrors from Murano, and is still furnished with bedspreads and curtains of age. From here we have access to a small sitting-room with walls completely covered with golden engrovings; the floor, with marble inlays representing the heraldic stem of the Meli Lupi, is a magnificent example of the triumph of the early Baroque. Around the castle there is a beautiful shady park .
    The Princes of Soragna still own the castle, today it is in fact the splendid home of H.M. Prince Diofebo Meli Lupi..