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  • Dominating the Val Parma, it was constructed by Pier Maria Rossi between 1448 and 1460, and right from the beginning devised as an instrument of defence, as well as a distinguished home for the count and his lover Bianca Pellegrini da Arluno.

    Positioned on the very first hills, in an area which has always been remembered for its mild climate, surrounded by vineyards it benefits from a beautiful view towards the end of the valley as well as towards the city.

    Once having surpassed all the defensive details and having admired the battle structures, the entrance to the courtyard creates a sense of peace and strongly evokes court life just like itwas once: such as decorations, lodges, wells, which describe a beautiful home more than an instrument of war.
    The decorations describe the tastes of the various owners as well as the various eras.

    From the chapel of Saint Nicomede, in the North-Eastern tower, which contain the two empty tombs of the two lovers, you can go on to a series of rooms with decorations from the fifteenth century. Two gracious, small rooms re-evoke the peaceful stay of a cardinal, which is then followed by a kitchen offering intelligent solutions to organization.

    The dining-room is remarkable for its geographical decorations on show for the guests as a sign of the owners' culture.
    The gold room from the period of Pier Maria (1464), is a complete anthem to love and the anxieties of love in the search for the loved one. The external lodgings completes an itinerary of tranquil joy, peaceful celebrations and of dignified and passionate lovers.


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